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ABOUT:  This book is about a 40-year old mom and wife Marilyn Grimes who has been struggling to find herself after being a dedicated wife, mother, daughter, sister and daughter-in-law. Along acting those roles, she lost herself and became too unhappy, bored and unappreciated. Then, one day after going to a doctor to get a check for her menopausal condition, she found out that she was pregnant instead along with the strange changes she saw on her husband personality. After so many ups and downs on Marilyn's life, she realized that it is best to love herself and not lost her true self even if she's been bombarded with so many responsibilities she has to take.

REVIEW: This is very entertaining and page-turner. It is also funny and quite realistic. I like the conversation and very witty approach of the author. As a woman, it made me understand the struggles of a mother and wife when she later on reach the menopausal stage of her life. I was laughing at the good exchange of conversation of the characters. It also points out that despite the struggles and hardships of a stay at home mom and times when she has all the right to go crazy, she opted to stay positive and kind- something we need to apply in our real lives. It is truly a good read.

RATING: 3 out of 5 books

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