Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why Being in Your 30's is Awesome

I am not making this post because I now belong to this age group, fine, maybe a little. Anyway, I used not to like or simply avoid answering question regarding my age. In fact, when asked, I usually return the question, "what do you think Ms. Nosey?". Ofcourse, I did not say the Ms. Nosey part although I was itching to say it (hehe). I was not sure then, but age question was an awkward question to answer especially if you think you are too grown up but with probably, too little "achievements".

So moving forward to the present and upon stepping into the new echelon of age groups and although I am not 100% not awkward with the "age" question, I do now feel okay in answering it. 

It amazes me that by actually turning 30, my life sort of turn almost 360 degrees (or maybe 180 will do, coz you know it's still turning). It feels like the whole universe conspires and makes me new. I am 30. I am proud to say it because I have been reading a lot of splendid articles about being 30. As written by, 30-something women are more likely to have a stable temperament and character than those women in their 20's. It is also true that at this time, I may have an idea what I really want to be and want to have. 20's is actually the time to make a trial and error, testing the waters and going with the flow kind of things. There was no actual pressure (except maybe coming from my parents) for me to have a direction in life or atleast any idea where to go. However, when you are in your 30, things seemed to fall into the right places. I do not worry that much anymore if I don't get to go out on Saturday nights. It look as if staying at home and doing something "important" is more important than going out. Hell, it doesn't even bother me to go window shopping or watching movie alone (except the last full show). They called it independence and you know what, I am inclined to agree!

Yet, here comes now the most dreaded question when you are 30 and born out of Filipino parents. "So, when are you getting married?". Oh wait, before we jumped into that, there is a pre-requisite question to that, "when are you having a boyfriend?" which, on both instances I had answered with rolling eyes and "can we have another topic?" look. Well, you know back in the days, I am not comfortable discussing future bf's or hubby's regardless if they exist or not. I am not sure why then but what I know nowadays is that I am totally made out of such material (haha!). So, boys and boylets (I'm kidding with the boylets) let me share with you a very nice article on The Girls You Should Be Marrying in case you want to be enlightened. However, being in your 30's and being repeatedly bombarded with this question makes me formulate great answers such as, "Well, I'd rather be a single mother than be stuck with a guy" or 'Do I have the obligation to explain why i'm still single? Do I?!" or "would your world stop if you don't get an answer?". I mean seriously, people should just mind their own business right? Well, they can't. This is one of the lessons I learned. I just have to adjust and still be "nice" to these nosy pips.

So being in my 30's is way better than my 20's. Wait, what happened in my 20's anyway? I think law school swallowed all the fun and excitement in my 20's that's why. Going back, it is also true that on your 30's you almost figure out what to do in life-be it on happy and yay days or on lonely and challenging times. Somehow, life lessons have been learned both the easy and hardest ways. This time, materialism is almost a thing of the past because now, we are more focus on relationship, better living and intangible stuffs. Unlike when we turn 40 and having the female version of mid-life crisis, being in 30's is the most stable and depressed-free age group if we only follow simple life rules.

To my fellow 30-something friends, especially the "totally single but loving it" ones, reaching this stage could never be more exciting and fun. We have a lot to look forward to like travel, date random guys, get married (this time the with the right one) and pursue the things we really love to do and all other things we wanted to do. As they say, the best has yet to come!

To 30-something pips, big cheers to us!

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