Monday, August 19, 2013

RANT: I Choked When I Ate Pork: Pork Barrel Scam (The Nth Write-Up)

I know some of you are fed up of the same issue and news that we see on TV, read on newspapers and tabloids and heard over the radio. Also, let's not forget the netizens (our group) reactions, commentaries and that very mysterious Anonymous comments on this blog which revelations add more sauce to this Pork (Barrel) recipe which somehow made it  a sumptuous meal to digest.

However,  being a taxpayer , I need atleast to have a say on this issue. Not just me but all of us who have been working our asses everyday only to give a percentage of what we earn to the government. Despite being a religious taxpayer and other taxes and charges such as e-vat which we pay also when we buy things (which totally surge its prices up), we still passes on those same unpaved roads, same poverty-stricken communities, below standard buildings and structures to name a few. Fine, it is actually okay that I pay taxes on every thing I do and stare on the slow development because whether I like it or not bureaucracy is part of the government business.

So why I wanted to have a say on this? Because it makes me angry. Angry that despite being tolerant of our government's slow pace to development, these Senators, Congressmen and their cohorts (maybe not just Napoles) still managed to wring and steal money from our very own pockets! There have been many national issues about corruption (fertilizer scam,etc) but it did not affect me as I am affected with this Billion-Peso Scam. Maybe because this is just too much. People involved are elected leaders for christsake and I could not believe that despite  strict guidelines on using their PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund), they still managed to get a way to it with the help and infamous ingenuity of Janet Lim-Napoles.

I personally despised these self-declared great leaders of ours more than Janet Lim-Napoles. Why? Because they freaking agreed to be used! Why again? Because they are freaking greedy as well. Now, it is being proposed that PDAF should be abolished because it creates an opportunity for corruption. Yet, P-noy is still contemplating about it, tick tock! 

That Anonymous guy/girl is right when he said that our country is hopeless when it comes to corruption. The laws are made for the benefit of these leaders. When an ordinary person is investigated,  they can make a probe anytime they want. However, when it comes to probing their own colleague, it seemed that laws and rules are now being evoked to save themselves.

So I am writing this not just to add to hundreds of articles, blogs, FB statuses and tweets but also to keep us reminded (as you know we Filipinos tend to have short-term memories) of this scam that robbed us. To make sure that we would never be fooled again by these trapos when they run again for office. Maybe, the odds are on their side but maybe, just maybe, by expressing our disgust over this shameful act in the social media, we might ignite change and shame to those who are doing it and would put a stop (maybe not instantly) to this disease plaguing our country.

The lawyer in me reminds that one is innocent until proven otherwise. But heck, how could you prove the 'otherwise' when you are being restrained from proving it? Anyways, I am invoking my right to free speech.

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