Thursday, September 5, 2013

YouTube: Delayed Gratification

I found this youtube video that talks about delayed gratification. Like I said in one of my entry which talks exactly how a delayed gratification could have a good effect on you. Good things happen to those who wait and how to teach discipline within you.

Apparently, I am not the only one who actually has a thing about delayed gratification. Check out this Youtube video about Tom Hiddleston teaching Cookie Monster about it.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why Being in Your 30's is Awesome

I am not making this post because I now belong to this age group, fine, maybe a little. Anyway, I used not to like or simply avoid answering question regarding my age. In fact, when asked, I usually return the question, "what do you think Ms. Nosey?". Ofcourse, I did not say the Ms. Nosey part although I was itching to say it (hehe). I was not sure then, but age question was an awkward question to answer especially if you think you are too grown up but with probably, too little "achievements".

So moving forward to the present and upon stepping into the new echelon of age groups and although I am not 100% not awkward with the "age" question, I do now feel okay in answering it. 

It amazes me that by actually turning 30, my life sort of turn almost 360 degrees (or maybe 180 will do, coz you know it's still turning). It feels like the whole universe conspires and makes me new. I am 30. I am proud to say it because I have been reading a lot of splendid articles about being 30. As written by, 30-something women are more likely to have a stable temperament and character than those women in their 20's. It is also true that at this time, I may have an idea what I really want to be and want to have. 20's is actually the time to make a trial and error, testing the waters and going with the flow kind of things. There was no actual pressure (except maybe coming from my parents) for me to have a direction in life or atleast any idea where to go. However, when you are in your 30, things seemed to fall into the right places. I do not worry that much anymore if I don't get to go out on Saturday nights. It look as if staying at home and doing something "important" is more important than going out. Hell, it doesn't even bother me to go window shopping or watching movie alone (except the last full show). They called it independence and you know what, I am inclined to agree!

Yet, here comes now the most dreaded question when you are 30 and born out of Filipino parents. "So, when are you getting married?". Oh wait, before we jumped into that, there is a pre-requisite question to that, "when are you having a boyfriend?" which, on both instances I had answered with rolling eyes and "can we have another topic?" look. Well, you know back in the days, I am not comfortable discussing future bf's or hubby's regardless if they exist or not. I am not sure why then but what I know nowadays is that I am totally made out of such material (haha!). So, boys and boylets (I'm kidding with the boylets) let me share with you a very nice article on The Girls You Should Be Marrying in case you want to be enlightened. However, being in your 30's and being repeatedly bombarded with this question makes me formulate great answers such as, "Well, I'd rather be a single mother than be stuck with a guy" or 'Do I have the obligation to explain why i'm still single? Do I?!" or "would your world stop if you don't get an answer?". I mean seriously, people should just mind their own business right? Well, they can't. This is one of the lessons I learned. I just have to adjust and still be "nice" to these nosy pips.

So being in my 30's is way better than my 20's. Wait, what happened in my 20's anyway? I think law school swallowed all the fun and excitement in my 20's that's why. Going back, it is also true that on your 30's you almost figure out what to do in life-be it on happy and yay days or on lonely and challenging times. Somehow, life lessons have been learned both the easy and hardest ways. This time, materialism is almost a thing of the past because now, we are more focus on relationship, better living and intangible stuffs. Unlike when we turn 40 and having the female version of mid-life crisis, being in 30's is the most stable and depressed-free age group if we only follow simple life rules.

To my fellow 30-something friends, especially the "totally single but loving it" ones, reaching this stage could never be more exciting and fun. We have a lot to look forward to like travel, date random guys, get married (this time the with the right one) and pursue the things we really love to do and all other things we wanted to do. As they say, the best has yet to come!

To 30-something pips, big cheers to us!

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Friday, August 23, 2013


Right. All of us made a promise. I said that because I never encountered a single human being that did not swear to God that they will do what they promised. Unfortunately, that same human being failed to make good that promise which put much emphasis on the quote, "promises are made to be broken".

I am a human being (believe it or not) and I also made promises which I failed to do. And don't smile because so are you. Below are the things we said we should do but really don't:

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EXERCISE REGULARLY. How many of us said we will exercise regularly? Yep, almost all of us. However, even if not all of us failed on this category, at most, a majority of us do. Why? Because exercising takes a lot of effort with little reward. Or tend to inflict us a lot of pain for what, burn 20 calories or lose 10 pounds in a month? Plus, that strenuous trip to the gym is sometimes too much to handle.

 GO ON A DIET. Every woman in this whole wide Earth probably made this promise to herself. And surprise, surprise ended up lining in a long queue for that "eat all u can" buffet and deciding, "hey, what the hell, I deserve to have a cheat day!" only to find out that her cheat day is everyday. So ladies, you can deny this thing here. Go for it. I'm not judging.
  WAKE UP EARLY. Yawn and enough said.
 MOVE ON AND LET GO. I include this because we tend to be in denial after something terrible happened to us which makes us depressed and miserable. Then we realized that we need to let go and move on and make it one day at a time. After 365 days, you look at the mirror, and found out that still depressed and miserable you.
 STAY AWAY FROM FACEBOOK OR TWITTER FOR A DAY. Oh, this is just a personal promise which I obviously failed. I don't know about you? Anyway, moving on...

SMILE EVEN IF OTHERS DON'T SMILE BACK. We admit, this is really something hard to do and yet, we still made a promise because we wanted to be the nice guy...or girl. So, when we give our sweetest smile but unfortunately got a growl in return, then it's very discouraging. So, this one is understandable.

 DON'T SHOP WHEN IT IS A SALE. This is a hardcore promise a girl cannot make. Seriously, why in your right mind would you say this? It's a freaking sale for crying out loud. This is a mistake because you will never be able to fulfill this promise. You have been warned.
BE NICE. This is not part of my list. I never made such a promise.

Don't get me wrong. This blog is still about being positive and a pursuit of betterness (though this word is not part of the dictionary).  That despite my above list that name the common things we promised but fail to keep, I still wanted to encourage you to thrive and walk the talk so to speak. Kids, this is just a list in which anytime you can throw in the trash. You are incharge of your life so no matter what I say here, you do not have to agree. And even if you agree, you have to do something about it.

Have a great day and exude positivity. *wink*

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


We cannot deny the fact that nowadays, social media plays a very important role in our lives. For some of us, (me included) we are very much dependent on it like our life depends on it. Our system is so used to it that in case there is a connection problem, we burn the wires and swear on customer service reps of our ISP (Internet Service Provider).

In my humble opinion, Facebook holds the title of the King Of Social Media (I believe the 'Queen' is now being held by Kris Aquino) or the most popular among social media. Or maybe because I am way biased for Facebook since this is the only social media account I have (oh well, I used to have almost all of them but got tired of it). But bias or not, getting online everyday and browsing through my walls makes me learn a thing or two.

Below are the top five lessons I learned from Facebook:


miley cyrus selfie

         Do not flood the wall by repeatedly changing your selfie photos for your profile pic. I admit I am one of those who do not really mind seeing selfie photos flooding my walls but to repeatedly change them and post it publicly is another story. It only tells that you keep taking photos of yourself on different angles which kinda suck and pathetic and we don't have to know.


         One time after my sumptuous lunch, I logged in to Facebook and saw those shocking accident photos my friend shared. It was so disgusting that I almost throw up and so I ended up editing my friends list (I know, my friends list is kind of privileged and regulated, so if I don't find your post entertaining, your off the list,hehe) and dropping him. Maybe, I'm a bit old and not really into seeing horrible photos that some young people find exciting. I just don't have the stomach for those photos. Further, how about just go to an adult website to satisfy your earthly needs? You don't have to share those needs of yours to your friends who may feel offended. I know Facebook made some regulations in posting those photos or videos but it would be much appreciated if you simply don't.


         See, dawdling on Facebook is not all that bad. There are actual benefits that we get from it. Seeing funny photos and just laugh out loud to the shock of your officemates could just really make up for a very bad day at the office. Sometimes, friends do read my mind when I feel like lazy or down, they would just post something perky and there I would feel eager and motivated right away (I'm lying and exaggerating here). But believe it or not, posts like those really have an emotional and mental effects on me.


        Having a bad day? Facebook can be an avenue to swear and rant out loud even pressing the caps button for us to feel how mad you are. If we rank the various Facebook statuses, ranting will hold the top rank.Well, it is really normal to rant but be wary of what you are saying on your wall. A lot of people got sack from their jobs because of rant statuses about their job. Who knows the boss might be watching, so be extra careful.


        One thing I noticed when you hit the 'like' button is the word 'unlike'. I am not a grammar police but don't you think that dislike is the correct term for unlike? I mean the exact opposite of like is dislike not unlike which refers to a disparity or comparison. So when you decided to hit the like but later on realized that you really do not like it, you just have to unlike it? Maybe Facebook fails in this area.

So there, those are the things that I learned from logging much on Facebook. We also have to note that Facebook is so influential because it tends to reach a wide audience. Sometimes, what we post is a reflection of who we are. And by the way, you can pitch in your own learned lessons (if any) from Facebook. Seriously, let me know.

Have fun!

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Monday, August 19, 2013

RANT: I Choked When I Ate Pork: Pork Barrel Scam (The Nth Write-Up)

I know some of you are fed up of the same issue and news that we see on TV, read on newspapers and tabloids and heard over the radio. Also, let's not forget the netizens (our group) reactions, commentaries and that very mysterious Anonymous comments on this blog which revelations add more sauce to this Pork (Barrel) recipe which somehow made it  a sumptuous meal to digest.

However,  being a taxpayer , I need atleast to have a say on this issue. Not just me but all of us who have been working our asses everyday only to give a percentage of what we earn to the government. Despite being a religious taxpayer and other taxes and charges such as e-vat which we pay also when we buy things (which totally surge its prices up), we still passes on those same unpaved roads, same poverty-stricken communities, below standard buildings and structures to name a few. Fine, it is actually okay that I pay taxes on every thing I do and stare on the slow development because whether I like it or not bureaucracy is part of the government business.

So why I wanted to have a say on this? Because it makes me angry. Angry that despite being tolerant of our government's slow pace to development, these Senators, Congressmen and their cohorts (maybe not just Napoles) still managed to wring and steal money from our very own pockets! There have been many national issues about corruption (fertilizer scam,etc) but it did not affect me as I am affected with this Billion-Peso Scam. Maybe because this is just too much. People involved are elected leaders for christsake and I could not believe that despite  strict guidelines on using their PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund), they still managed to get a way to it with the help and infamous ingenuity of Janet Lim-Napoles.

I personally despised these self-declared great leaders of ours more than Janet Lim-Napoles. Why? Because they freaking agreed to be used! Why again? Because they are freaking greedy as well. Now, it is being proposed that PDAF should be abolished because it creates an opportunity for corruption. Yet, P-noy is still contemplating about it, tick tock! 

That Anonymous guy/girl is right when he said that our country is hopeless when it comes to corruption. The laws are made for the benefit of these leaders. When an ordinary person is investigated,  they can make a probe anytime they want. However, when it comes to probing their own colleague, it seemed that laws and rules are now being evoked to save themselves.

So I am writing this not just to add to hundreds of articles, blogs, FB statuses and tweets but also to keep us reminded (as you know we Filipinos tend to have short-term memories) of this scam that robbed us. To make sure that we would never be fooled again by these trapos when they run again for office. Maybe, the odds are on their side but maybe, just maybe, by expressing our disgust over this shameful act in the social media, we might ignite change and shame to those who are doing it and would put a stop (maybe not instantly) to this disease plaguing our country.

The lawyer in me reminds that one is innocent until proven otherwise. But heck, how could you prove the 'otherwise' when you are being restrained from proving it? Anyways, I am invoking my right to free speech.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shares: Why I am a Bit Obsessed with Zombies and the Dooms Day
I used not to like any zombie movies for reasons that I can't get it out of my head and hence, they would always appear in my dreams and chase me like hell. Why watch a movie that would just have a direct impact on my brain right? Movies are suppose to be fun, a means of relaxation and something that would not make you think afterwards or ask questions like, "why is it that I don't get that movie Inception? I feel dumb (FYI, this is just an example, I love Inception and I totally got the story) or keep asking your friend what happened through the course of the movie because you were so dozing off (this however, is relatable)!

I thought I'll never get over my fear and distaste with Zombie movies but just what like the smart and not so smart people say, " the only constant in this world is change"- especially if such changes were triggered by a computer game named  Resident Evil which did not only make me like zombies but made me obsessed with them. By obsessed, I do mean  loving anything and everything that has something to do with zombies from Resident Evil, World War Z, The Walking Dead to Contract Killer: Zombie and my all time favorite, Plants vs. Zombies (the Michael Jackson zombie is my favorite favorite)!
Speaking of Plants vs. Zombies, have you ever wondered why they are after the brain? Our brain? I did some thorough research why these 'walkers' (as referred in The Walking Dead) are obsessed with brains. Well, I hope you are not too shock to find out that Zombies fascination of human brain is a figment of screenwriter Dan O'Bannon's imagination. According to, it was the screenwriter who re-wrote the story of zombies who used to indiscriminately attack the human flesh was now targeting the brain., wrote that zombie eats brain merely to spread infection in the fastest possible manner. Dead bodies are usually controlled by viruses that infects primarily the brain. It amazes me how writers imagination works. It's boundless.

World War Z
So now we are face with a question, Is it possible that zombie apocalypse would actually happen? If you happen to type this question in your Google search page, you would find that there have been articles, blog, etc. written addressing this issue. Apparently, it's not only me (and maybe you) who is interested with the zombies. For most of my careful reading of the said articles, it is highly unlikely to happen that a person can rise from being dead and eat human flesh. However, what will likely happen for a zombie apocalypse would be similar to the movie "World War Z" where a very mysterious virus (similar to rabies) will infect the brain and because of that, the infected will be aggressive and would certainly look to bite and spread the zombie-like behavior.

So anyhoo, I just hope that World War Z or anything similar to it will not happen ever. I mean, even if we are all certain that we all die eventually, I wanted it the natural way. I don't want to die because someone bit his nicotine-filled teeth on me and I don't want to crave human flesh. It's just all yucky. Now, let me get my Ipod so I could continue on my quest to save humanity on Contract Killer: Zombie. Have a great day walkers! =)

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Favorites: Anything Korean Except K-Pop and Some Food

Before anything else, I put a signature on this entry post I made and it will be in my future posts-well that's just how signatures work (you'll find it after scrolling down). I just think that it's kinda cool to have a signature with my name on it (narcissism on cue).

Anyway, going back to the topic, let me just share one of my favorite things on this entire Earth ala Oprah's favorite things. Wait, I am not giving cars, expensive boots or unconscionable priced cakes (Oprah comparison was a bad idea, my fault) but more on sharing  my favorite things which I warn you to are shallow, maybe boring, not of value at all and extremely annoying for your taste. But since, you just wasted your time coming here, you might as well join me in being shallow, boring, etc (yawn, I got bored myself. LOL!) So here it is, one of my favorite things on this entire Earth is anything Korean except K-Pop and some food.

By that, I do like Korean movies, TV series, fashion, skin, country (the South part, atleast), weather, cute actors less the singing, etc. except (this is a reiteration!) K-Pop and some food. I believe this fascination about anything Korean except duh, K-Pop and some food started when Philippine TV stations decided that the likes of Mara-Clara and Mexican Telenovela plots (due mainly to the spiral story and the 'villain won't just die!' thing) won't have any appeal to Filipino viewers anymore. Though I would say that my first Asian novela favorite was not Korean as it was Taiwanese- I was so drooled over the Dao-Ming Shu (darn, so high school) character of Meteor Garden and one of those who silently begged the Lord that a sequel be made after its ending, everything after that was all Korean except...yup, K-Pop and some food.

I am a movie fan so I am particular with the plot and I appreciate any twists on it. I think Korean movies are plenty of those unpredictability-be it in a comedy, action and romance. Romance is my most favorite, because it is the one which makes me cry the most ( The Classic, My Sassy Girl, A Moment to Remember,etc.). Thus, when it comes to Korean movies, I am truly a fan and I'll give them a kudos
(maybe not to the extent of being a film critic kudos) for giving us movie fans a fresher and unique stories. Being good at movies, Korean TV series are equally good as well (again, this is just my opinion). In fact, there were a few series that were a hit to Filipino viewers.


This is btw, my unfounded and no scientific basis belief, so do not take my word for it. Koreans have been popping here in the Philippines to study English, invest and just simply for visits and I have never seen one with a hideous skin! Even the guys has more flawless skin than I do (hmm..its should be the weather). So, I happen to know that Korea has four seasons -winter, spring, summer and fall (I just have to sing that) unlike us Filipinos who would just have to choose between summer and rainy seasons (which recently, have no difference anymore since the  two seasons decided to join forces and give us scorching heat in the morning and dump us rain water in the evening-poor Philippines). Finally, let me include Korean fashion. Okay, I am not a fashionista far from it, but I can appreciate fashion the Koreans have. It could be their body figure and bold combinations of colors which ultimately makes me  like how they dress up.


Just some clarifications, I don't really hate those angelic-faced boys and girls with funny haircuts, I mean who would hate them right? It's just I freakin' do not understand any of their songs (it's korean for crying out loud!) however, they are holding concerts in the Philippines and it usually all sold-outs and get this, young teenage girls were actually singing along with those Korean lyrics! WTH right? So don't hate me young teenage girls who were actually singing along with those Korean lyrics that I am misjudging you. Maybe unlike me, you do understand what you're singing and I am just too old to like those boys who have ridiculously awesome skin and who knows, I'm having a mid-life crisis right? So yeah, just do your thing, kiddos!

On to the some food, I saw in the movies and TV that when you say Korean food, it means "kimchi". It is the one which mainly composed of lettuce with red-orange sauce in it (that's the best I could do in describing food, sorry)? Uhmm...unlike. Other foods served on our table on a Korean restaurant during dinner?...Unlike. Again, don't hate me Korean food lovers out there. I am just biased because I hate spicy foods so anything spicy is just a total turn-off for me.

So there goes my quite lengthy post. I just hope you did not fall asleep and you reached the bottom and saw my new signature and I hope you are also like me who likes anything Korean except...let's say it together, K-Pop and some food.

Good day and smile. =)

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