Friday, August 23, 2013


Right. All of us made a promise. I said that because I never encountered a single human being that did not swear to God that they will do what they promised. Unfortunately, that same human being failed to make good that promise which put much emphasis on the quote, "promises are made to be broken".

I am a human being (believe it or not) and I also made promises which I failed to do. And don't smile because so are you. Below are the things we said we should do but really don't:

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EXERCISE REGULARLY. How many of us said we will exercise regularly? Yep, almost all of us. However, even if not all of us failed on this category, at most, a majority of us do. Why? Because exercising takes a lot of effort with little reward. Or tend to inflict us a lot of pain for what, burn 20 calories or lose 10 pounds in a month? Plus, that strenuous trip to the gym is sometimes too much to handle.

 GO ON A DIET. Every woman in this whole wide Earth probably made this promise to herself. And surprise, surprise ended up lining in a long queue for that "eat all u can" buffet and deciding, "hey, what the hell, I deserve to have a cheat day!" only to find out that her cheat day is everyday. So ladies, you can deny this thing here. Go for it. I'm not judging.
  WAKE UP EARLY. Yawn and enough said.
 MOVE ON AND LET GO. I include this because we tend to be in denial after something terrible happened to us which makes us depressed and miserable. Then we realized that we need to let go and move on and make it one day at a time. After 365 days, you look at the mirror, and found out that still depressed and miserable you.
 STAY AWAY FROM FACEBOOK OR TWITTER FOR A DAY. Oh, this is just a personal promise which I obviously failed. I don't know about you? Anyway, moving on...

SMILE EVEN IF OTHERS DON'T SMILE BACK. We admit, this is really something hard to do and yet, we still made a promise because we wanted to be the nice guy...or girl. So, when we give our sweetest smile but unfortunately got a growl in return, then it's very discouraging. So, this one is understandable.

 DON'T SHOP WHEN IT IS A SALE. This is a hardcore promise a girl cannot make. Seriously, why in your right mind would you say this? It's a freaking sale for crying out loud. This is a mistake because you will never be able to fulfill this promise. You have been warned.
BE NICE. This is not part of my list. I never made such a promise.

Don't get me wrong. This blog is still about being positive and a pursuit of betterness (though this word is not part of the dictionary).  That despite my above list that name the common things we promised but fail to keep, I still wanted to encourage you to thrive and walk the talk so to speak. Kids, this is just a list in which anytime you can throw in the trash. You are incharge of your life so no matter what I say here, you do not have to agree. And even if you agree, you have to do something about it.

Have a great day and exude positivity. *wink*

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