Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shares: Why I am a Bit Obsessed with Zombies and the Dooms Day
I used not to like any zombie movies for reasons that I can't get it out of my head and hence, they would always appear in my dreams and chase me like hell. Why watch a movie that would just have a direct impact on my brain right? Movies are suppose to be fun, a means of relaxation and something that would not make you think afterwards or ask questions like, "why is it that I don't get that movie Inception? I feel dumb (FYI, this is just an example, I love Inception and I totally got the story) or keep asking your friend what happened through the course of the movie because you were so dozing off (this however, is relatable)!

I thought I'll never get over my fear and distaste with Zombie movies but just what like the smart and not so smart people say, " the only constant in this world is change"- especially if such changes were triggered by a computer game named  Resident Evil which did not only make me like zombies but made me obsessed with them. By obsessed, I do mean  loving anything and everything that has something to do with zombies from Resident Evil, World War Z, The Walking Dead to Contract Killer: Zombie and my all time favorite, Plants vs. Zombies (the Michael Jackson zombie is my favorite favorite)!
Speaking of Plants vs. Zombies, have you ever wondered why they are after the brain? Our brain? I did some thorough research why these 'walkers' (as referred in The Walking Dead) are obsessed with brains. Well, I hope you are not too shock to find out that Zombies fascination of human brain is a figment of screenwriter Dan O'Bannon's imagination. According to, it was the screenwriter who re-wrote the story of zombies who used to indiscriminately attack the human flesh was now targeting the brain., wrote that zombie eats brain merely to spread infection in the fastest possible manner. Dead bodies are usually controlled by viruses that infects primarily the brain. It amazes me how writers imagination works. It's boundless.

World War Z
So now we are face with a question, Is it possible that zombie apocalypse would actually happen? If you happen to type this question in your Google search page, you would find that there have been articles, blog, etc. written addressing this issue. Apparently, it's not only me (and maybe you) who is interested with the zombies. For most of my careful reading of the said articles, it is highly unlikely to happen that a person can rise from being dead and eat human flesh. However, what will likely happen for a zombie apocalypse would be similar to the movie "World War Z" where a very mysterious virus (similar to rabies) will infect the brain and because of that, the infected will be aggressive and would certainly look to bite and spread the zombie-like behavior.

So anyhoo, I just hope that World War Z or anything similar to it will not happen ever. I mean, even if we are all certain that we all die eventually, I wanted it the natural way. I don't want to die because someone bit his nicotine-filled teeth on me and I don't want to crave human flesh. It's just all yucky. Now, let me get my Ipod so I could continue on my quest to save humanity on Contract Killer: Zombie. Have a great day walkers! =)

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