Friday, August 9, 2013

Favorites: Anything Korean Except K-Pop and Some Food

Before anything else, I put a signature on this entry post I made and it will be in my future posts-well that's just how signatures work (you'll find it after scrolling down). I just think that it's kinda cool to have a signature with my name on it (narcissism on cue).

Anyway, going back to the topic, let me just share one of my favorite things on this entire Earth ala Oprah's favorite things. Wait, I am not giving cars, expensive boots or unconscionable priced cakes (Oprah comparison was a bad idea, my fault) but more on sharing  my favorite things which I warn you to are shallow, maybe boring, not of value at all and extremely annoying for your taste. But since, you just wasted your time coming here, you might as well join me in being shallow, boring, etc (yawn, I got bored myself. LOL!) So here it is, one of my favorite things on this entire Earth is anything Korean except K-Pop and some food.

By that, I do like Korean movies, TV series, fashion, skin, country (the South part, atleast), weather, cute actors less the singing, etc. except (this is a reiteration!) K-Pop and some food. I believe this fascination about anything Korean except duh, K-Pop and some food started when Philippine TV stations decided that the likes of Mara-Clara and Mexican Telenovela plots (due mainly to the spiral story and the 'villain won't just die!' thing) won't have any appeal to Filipino viewers anymore. Though I would say that my first Asian novela favorite was not Korean as it was Taiwanese- I was so drooled over the Dao-Ming Shu (darn, so high school) character of Meteor Garden and one of those who silently begged the Lord that a sequel be made after its ending, everything after that was all Korean except...yup, K-Pop and some food.

I am a movie fan so I am particular with the plot and I appreciate any twists on it. I think Korean movies are plenty of those unpredictability-be it in a comedy, action and romance. Romance is my most favorite, because it is the one which makes me cry the most ( The Classic, My Sassy Girl, A Moment to Remember,etc.). Thus, when it comes to Korean movies, I am truly a fan and I'll give them a kudos
(maybe not to the extent of being a film critic kudos) for giving us movie fans a fresher and unique stories. Being good at movies, Korean TV series are equally good as well (again, this is just my opinion). In fact, there were a few series that were a hit to Filipino viewers.


This is btw, my unfounded and no scientific basis belief, so do not take my word for it. Koreans have been popping here in the Philippines to study English, invest and just simply for visits and I have never seen one with a hideous skin! Even the guys has more flawless skin than I do (hmm..its should be the weather). So, I happen to know that Korea has four seasons -winter, spring, summer and fall (I just have to sing that) unlike us Filipinos who would just have to choose between summer and rainy seasons (which recently, have no difference anymore since the  two seasons decided to join forces and give us scorching heat in the morning and dump us rain water in the evening-poor Philippines). Finally, let me include Korean fashion. Okay, I am not a fashionista far from it, but I can appreciate fashion the Koreans have. It could be their body figure and bold combinations of colors which ultimately makes me  like how they dress up.


Just some clarifications, I don't really hate those angelic-faced boys and girls with funny haircuts, I mean who would hate them right? It's just I freakin' do not understand any of their songs (it's korean for crying out loud!) however, they are holding concerts in the Philippines and it usually all sold-outs and get this, young teenage girls were actually singing along with those Korean lyrics! WTH right? So don't hate me young teenage girls who were actually singing along with those Korean lyrics that I am misjudging you. Maybe unlike me, you do understand what you're singing and I am just too old to like those boys who have ridiculously awesome skin and who knows, I'm having a mid-life crisis right? So yeah, just do your thing, kiddos!

On to the some food, I saw in the movies and TV that when you say Korean food, it means "kimchi". It is the one which mainly composed of lettuce with red-orange sauce in it (that's the best I could do in describing food, sorry)? Uhmm...unlike. Other foods served on our table on a Korean restaurant during dinner?...Unlike. Again, don't hate me Korean food lovers out there. I am just biased because I hate spicy foods so anything spicy is just a total turn-off for me.

So there goes my quite lengthy post. I just hope you did not fall asleep and you reached the bottom and saw my new signature and I hope you are also like me who likes anything Korean except...let's say it together, K-Pop and some food.

Good day and smile. =)

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