Monday, July 29, 2013

Intro to this Blog

I have been blogging though not professionally but out of a hobby for the past years. I would say that it (blogging) really helped in creating avenue to release stress and pour out any thoughts and emotions that I personally experienced.

I have made several blogs with several themes before but unfortunately, I was not able to maintain it and the topics were quite random not to mention some grammatical errors in it. In creating/writing my previous blogs, I did not really care about the grammatical lapses since proofreading and editing were quite not my favorite tasks to do. In fact, even after publishing the blog and I saw the grammatical errors and the thoughts were in chaos, I was simply not bothered to not correct it.

However, despite me being a terrible blogger/writer, that did not stop me from reading, liking and at some point getting inspired by other people's blogs. Though certainly, I started this blog not because I wanted to compete with them (because obviously, I would fail big time) but I also wanted to create something that could inspire other readers just like I had with the blogs I read.

Thus, Better Life, Better You is not really a "I am going to fix you" blog but a quest to having a better life and eventually a better self out of ordinary and sometimes extraordinary life events that happen and might happen in the future.

This is also based on the author's point of view, thus, you are very much welcome to pitch in some of your POV's as well. =)

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