Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Bitter Relationship with Lactose

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I hate milk! I mean my tummy hates it I think. It goes bananas everytime I drink it. And going bananas mean a frequent and 'fruitful' trip to the bathroom. Also, the taste does not have an appeal to me- at all. 

 And yet, I don't have a choice but chug it all in my throat. Why? Because of a freaking medical condition called 'Osteopenia' which I just found out after I had a bone scan (I availed it because it was for free courtesy of office HR). Osteopenia is a like mild Osteoporosis. It is also a condition of thinning bones (got it from Google) but it is somehow correctible by changing lifestyles, drinking/eating calcium-rich foods and drinks (so there goes the milk)and taking supplements. I am doing those three things the doctor advised me to except that the 'milk time before bedtime' is taking a toll on me.

 Honestly, I'm quite bothered (actually, it's more like, freaking out) by this Osteopenia thing. Who wouldn't? I am only 30 for christ sake. I can't be having this condition associated with older people right?Right?!

Ha, wrong. As per doctor's opinion and my own thorough research, this condition is now common to affect younger people. The rising popularity of coffee shops, tea shops or even drinking too much softdrinks that attract young people could be one of the reasons why this condition develops. Further, according to WebMD, women are far more likely to develop osteopenia and osteoporosis than men. This is because women have a lower peak BMD and because the loss of bone mass speeds up as hormonal changes take place at the time of menopause. 

Now, I chose not to worry and instead focus on the positive. This is afterall, a positivity blog- at least, that's how I expect it to be. Thus:

    1.  Lifestyle change-no more trip to coffee shops limit the coffee intake to just 1 cup a day and no more softdrinks and exercise - Check.
    2.  Take supplements rich in calcium and vitamin D - Check. 
    3.  Eat and drink calcium rich foods and drinks - Check to all except Milk equals  failing work in progress.
I think it makes it harder for me to adjust because I'm a coffee person. This transition somehow makes my mind and body bemuse. Boy,I missed those times when I had the liberty to drink coffee anytime on my liking. So anyway, I am still chugging milk while thinking of 'happy thoughts'. =)

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