Thursday, August 1, 2013

E-books vs. Old School Reading

I am a book lover. Reading is like writing, eating, exercising, saving- things that I am addicted into. It is another stress-reliever for me. 

During my teenage years, I was addicted to pocketbooks (I guess my love for books started here!). I would set aside some of my allowances for its rental (back in the days pocketbook rental was the craze). I also fell in love with english pocketbooks (hello,harlequin?) and since during that time social media was nonexistent, reading with books in my hand was a favorite past time. I've had several books collected. Some got lost and some managed to hang on to their pieces (literally speaking).

Fast forward to years before the present, social media notwithstanding, I was introduced to electronic book also known as e-book. Several years ago, an e-book can just be read or accessed through a computer. Reading on a laptop was convenient if you own the thin and pricey one. On my case, I have to deal with my bulky personal computer since I still don't have a laptop then (poor me). That's why at that time, my choice of reading remained "old school" like go to a bookstore and buy a book so I can bring it where ever I want. Also, I was (or still?) a lazy person so I like reading on my bed lying. Obviously, I cannot do that with my PC right?

Fast forward to present, e-book reading becomes more convenient upon the advent of 'tablets' such as Ipad, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, etc. I am not defining what a tablet is since all of you had seen one (or own one). By having the tablet, I can read anywhere and however I want to. Plus, it saves space. I live in a rented room so saving spaces is like saving money- it's that damn important. On the other hand, economic interventions made the books quite pricey and it requires a lot of shelves/space requirement both in my bag and room. Also, through tablets, buying books need not be an exhausting trip to National Bookstore or Fully-booked anymore. A few clicks to are enough for me to have interesting books be delivered on my tab.

However, despite me feeling 'techie' just bringing my tab, the feel of an actual book in my hand when flipping is just different than swiping it on the screen. I mean, the book has a smell that I just love. In fact, I appreciate it a lot when someone gift me a book, more so if it is hard-bound.

Thus, e-books vs. old school books (or simply books,duh!) is like choosing between two gorgeous guys to date. I think, I'll just settle for both. =)

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