Friday, August 9, 2013

De Stress # 1: Lovin' the Holidays

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Today is the fist official holiday of the month. I say first because there will be atleast two more holidays in this month of August. Today is  a Friday and it means long weekend. Yipee! (I almost roll on the floor for being elated).

I've been mentioning how lazy I am right? Not that I am proud of it but for purposes of this topic, I'd say that people like me are so looking forward and loving this long weekends and holidays. Well in my case, I need it to de-stress since I'm a bit beat up in the office lately for some 'working environment' reasons. So, I came up with a very obvious and no-brainer reasons why I'm lovin' the holidays:

1. I can exercise longer. Lately, for health reasons, I am now shifting albeit gradually to healthy lifestyles. Being that, I prefer exercising in the morning. However since I am an 8-5 corporate slave, doing this is quite daunting if not impossible (not really a morning person, a late "riser"). So, during workdays I end up working out in the evening after work and since I am tired already, I only stayed for roughly 1 1/2 hours thrice a week. Thus, holidays are such an enthusiastically welcome development. I can exercise longer in the morning and I sweat a lot and feeling better all day long.

2. Catching up with my reading. Holidays are the best time to give my books their purpose-to read them. During workdays or even on weekends (I teach in weekends,ergo, still a work day), these books are just saved on my tablet and sometimes being taken for granted by their reader (that's me,btw) and most of the time forgotten (sorry guys, I need to live and reading will not give me some moolah) but quickly reminded of their presence during this 'lull' days.

3. Yes, that long and late shower. Maybe it's just me, but during workdays, I don't enjoy shower as much as I enjoyed it on 'off' days. Plus, here in the Philippines, the arguably hottest country (with hottest people, too! LOL-just lovin' my own) you might want to take a shower in the morning or atleast before going out for work or else you just be disliked for smelling uhmm "sweaty" by someone sitting beside you in the Jeepney or office. However, during holidays, I can be in the shower as long as I want and whenever I want it.

Thus, by doing things that I enjoy very much, I releases my stresses and whatever negative thoughts or vibes I had in the previous days. I love holidays, don't we all?

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